Queneisha J. Harvey

"Not all who wander are lost. They are simply creating new f*cking lanes."

First, I am a woman, then a badass powerhouse. Two years ago, I made the decision to go with my heart and ended up creating LUXE RADAR to inspire eccentric women, like myself, in their everyday pursuit of liberation and self-discovery. Through my creative work, I love to produce visual projects centered around healing and empowering women to embrace who they are. I am the curator of visual project HER WISHING WELL, an ongoing proclamation calling women to leave their burdens behind.  I am the proud founder of LOTUS Media Studio, newly developed Miami-based boutique creative studio + digital publisher. I enjoy serving my clients as an experienced brand architect offering innovative creative solutions for all elements of branding. When I am not curating, directing, or writing, I am exploring new ways to celebrate myself including traveling, sun-bathing, or getting lost in photos from the 70's.